Cataldo Pilgrimage, Day 3

August 13, 2015
Source: Priory Postfalls

The final day of the Cataldo Pilgrimage, Sunday the 19th of July, dawned clear and bright. Many more joined up with the company of pilgrims, bringing the total number of souls above 250. New chapters were formed: that of Exsurge, the organization of young adults at ICC and that of the Eucharistic Crusade. 

The final few miles of the pilgrimage passed quickly as Cataldo came closer. The spirits of the most weary traveler were lifted up as the distinctive façade of the shrine came into sight over the trees. For the last few hundred yards of the pilgrimage, all the chapters joined up into one massive column, following their banners clustered around the cross.

Since the shrine would not hold the whole group, gathered out front the pilgrims sang a thankful Magnificat for the graces gained on the pilgrimage for themselves and all Catholic families. They had prayed, suffered and sung for more than 50 miles in the summer heat, and had great hope that God would hear the great-hearted appeal of their undertaking.

A Solemn Mass was celebrated in honor of the Sacred Heart, under the trees next to the shrine built by the Jesuits of Fr. De Smet. The young adults of Exsurge sang the Mass, with 400 in attendance. During the sermon everyone was reminded that no matter who they are, they have a role to play in the Catholic family: parents and children in a direct way, young adults by preparation, and religious by spiritual assistance. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on our families!