Meet our Personnel!

At Immaculate Conception Church, a number of employees fulfill various tasks that help the community function on the practical level.

The receptionist in the priory office is Darla Andreini. She cheerfully greets all callers and visitors to the priory, and provides a variety of office services for the priests of Immaculate Conception Church.

The priory treasurer is Jim Wiseman. Under the direction of the prior, Jim provides all bookkeeping services for the Church, including payroll, billing and collections, accounts payable. He processes and implements annual employee contracts, and manages insurance policies.

Liz Bignell, fundraising director, helps the church and school in developmental and fund raising activities. She implements and oversees the timely execution of letter appeals, assists with the organization and execution of auctions, raffles, Academy Scrip Program and annual Jog-A-Thon event, and recruits volunteers for special events.

Paul Reuter, the maintenance director, provides all building, grounds and landscape maintenance tasks that range from custodial work to facility repairs for an aging Church and Academy. He also provides for and oversees the work of contractors for services requiring a licensed repair man or specialty services. 

The church sacristans are Patrick Philips and Jerry Moffit. Under the direction of Patrick Philips, the sacristans have selflessly given of their time for years, to ensure that the church, the priests and altar servers are prepared to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass several times daily at Immaculate Conception Church.

Margaret Reuter and Monique Raymond look after the kitchen. They are primarily responsible for providing the main daily meal for the six resident priests, and any guests of the Immaculate Conception Priory. In addition, they oversee the use of the church hall kitchen for special events and academy use.

Louisa McBride, Sue Dippolito, Carole Kasper, and Maureen Grubar are the housekeeping staff; they insure that the priory is kept clean, neat and orderly for the resident priests and guests of Immaculate Conception Priory. In addition to cleaning duties at the priory, haircuts, laundry service, and clothes mending are also provided.

Carole Kasper handles scheduling of cooks for the priests' noon meal on Saturdays and Sundays. If you are interested in cooking for the priests, you can reach Mrs. Kasper through the office.