Video about Dominican Sisters of Fanjeaux

May 26, 2015
Source: District of the USA

See the fruits of a traditional congregation of Dominican teaching sisters and the Catholic education they provide to girls.

At, an inspiring video about the Dominican Sisters of Fanjeaux has just been published with English subtitles: SSPX-related Dominican Sisters of Fanjeaux in Rome.

With the beautiful singing of the Dominican sisters and their students in the background, the video filmed during their recent pilgrimage to Rome shows through on-the-spot interviews of the Mother Superior, SSPX priests, various sisters, students and even alumni, the purpose of the teaching sisters and the importance of the Eternal City.

The Dominican Teaching Sisters of the Holy Name of Jesus of Fanjeaux was one of the first religious congregations to resist the Modernist New Mass [see the sidebar about Fr. Calmel]. For their Catholic principles the sisters continue to suffer as witnessed during the Rome pilgrimage when they were denied permission to have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered in any of the Roman churches—a circumstance that contradicts Archbishop Pozzo's view of the current situation of Rome with the SSPX.

For the interest of families who want to provide their girls with a thoroughly Catholic and Thomistic education in a boarding school atmosphere, the Dominican Sisters of Fanjeaux have two foundations here in the States:

St. Dominic's School
20274 W. Riverview Drive
Post Falls, ID 83854
208-773-7598 tel

Holy Name of Jesus Academy
337 Trippany Road
Massena, NY 13662
315-769-6030 tel